What are the necessary things to keep in mind when using the organic fertilizer granulat

The role of organic fertilizer granulator in the organic fertilizer production line is currently irreplaceable by other equipment. The granulator equipment series is an essential equipment for organic fertilizer suppliers. The organic fertilizer granulator can produce knotted or bulk fertilizer. The average size of the particles, improve the quality of organic fertilizers and enhance the market competitiveness. So what are the necessary things to keep in mind when using the organic fertilizer granulator?

Precautions for the use of organic fertilizer granulator:

1. The storage environment should be clean and the humidity should be moderate;

2. The route planning should be good, and many lines are forbidden to be handed over together, which is prone to fire;

3. The organic fertilizer granulator prohibits the operation of the empty machine without load, and it is necessary to operate the hot machine to prevent the occurrence of the sticking bar;

4. If the fuselage is not stable, check if the gap between the couplings is too tight.

5. Regularly check and clean the organic fertilizer granulator;

6. When the bearing at the two ends of the bearing chamber of the organic fertilizer granulator main engine is hot or has a noise, stop the maintenance and fill the lubricant in time. During normal operation, the bearing chamber is filled with lubricating oil once every 5-6 days.

7. Pay attention to the law of equipment operation; such as: machine temperature bump, speed is fast, can be processed in time according to experience.