Why is organic fertilizer machine being used more and more?

What is organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are carbonaceous materials derived mainly from plants and/or animals and applied to soil to provide plant nutrients as their main function. Through the processing of biological materials, animal and plant wastes and plant residues, the toxic and harmful substances are eliminated, which are rich in a lot of beneficial substances. Organic fertilizers contain a variety of organic acids, peptides and rich nutrient elements including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Granulation of organic fertilizer

First, the raw material of organic fertilizer goes through the fermentation process

Compost is an organic fertilizer made from the remains and excrement of plants and animals containing organic fertilizers, mixed with soil and minerals, and decomposed by microorganisms under high temperature and wet conditions. To make compost, it is necessary to collect the appropriate materials, such as straw, fallen leaves of trees or livestock droppings, and mix them properly. Add the appropriate amount of calcium cyanamide to promote the fermentation of the composting. Then cover it with rags, rags, straw or plastic cloth to avoid the loss of fertilizer.

Granulation of organic fertilizer

Then, the composting equipment was used for fermentation

Windrow composting is one way to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer. For this method, you should pile organic waste in long rows. At the same time, turning the organic waste regularly is also necessary, which can shorten composting period and improve quality of compost. On the one side, it can be used as raw materials of organic fertilizer which will benefit soil and agricultural products. Therefore, we usually convert organic waste into organic fertilizer by windrow composting equipment.

Granulation of organic fertilizer

Finally, organic fertilizer particles are produced through the granulation mechanism of organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer granulator is used for granulating various organic substances after fermentation, and breaks through the conventional organic granulation process. It is not necessary to dry and pulverize the raw materials before granulation, and the spherical granules can be processed by direct batching, which can save a lot of energy. , of course, the organic fertilizer granulator is divided into a variety of categories,The most common is the disc granulator、New composite granulator, transfer granulator