Ammonium sulphate production line for Thailand

In the spring, one of our very important customers came from Thailand to visit our new factory. During the visit, our engineers and salesmen communicated and discussed several times, and finally decided to produce 15 tons of organic fertilizer production line.this production line is mainly deal with ammonium sulphate,let us introduce this material for you.

How to make ammonium sulphate with compound fertilizer production process?

  1. Ammonium sulphate:Nitrogen content (>21.0%) and water content (<0.2%) and free acid (<0.03%).
    Uses: Mainly used as fertilizer, suitable for various soils and crops, including nitrogen fertilizer 21.
  2. Purity: 99.2%
  3. Standard: CAS31691-97-1
  4. Molecular formula: (NH4) 2SO4
  5. Molecular weight: 132.14
  6. China Standard Packaging: 50Kg/Bag
  7. Description: White crystal, slightly salty, is acid fertilizer. The ratio is 1.769. It is decomposed at 235 C. Easy to dissolve in water, acid water solution, insoluble in ethanol, acetone. Moist air absorbs water and cakes, and alkali releases ammonia.

Function of Ammonium sulphate in npk compound fertilizer production line:

Ammonium sulfate granules are generally used for overgrowth of crops: overgrowth, axillary buds are constantly born, often overtillering, crushed by Organic Fertilizer Cage Crusher ,obstructing the normal development of reproductive organs, or even delaying maturity, leaves are dark green, juicy and soft, soluble in the body in the non-protein state of nitrogen content is too high, susceptible to disease and insect pests, prone to lodging, cereals, unsatisfactory grain (low 1000-grain weight), With more grain, crop yield declined.

Application of Ammonium sulfate npk fertilizer production line:

Ammonium sulfate particles can be absorbed by crops after hydrolysis through chemical reactions in soil. Therefore, ammonium sulfate particles are applied several days before fertilization.mixed with Continuous Fertilizer Single Shaft Mixers .At the same time, the deep application of soil cover should be carried out. Like other nitrogen fertilizers, ammonium sulfate granules should be applied in the morning or evening, after rainy or cloudy days, avoiding sunny days at noon. Ammonium sulfate granules belong to unit fertilizer. They should be used in conjunction with phosphate fertilizer or other chemical fertilizers to meet the needs of crops for various nutrients and to supplement fertilizers.