Organic fertilizer horizontal mixer price

Horizontal mixer equipment produced by our factory. The machine has high mixing uniformity and small residual amount, and is suitable for mixing feed, concentrated feed and additive premix. Horizontal mixer is not only used for fertilizer mixing but also widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, compound fertilizer, dye, pigment, Solid-solid (ie, powder and rubber) in rubber, building materials, food, milk powder, health products, feed, additives, aquaculture, bioengineering, fine chemicals, ceramics, refractory materials, rare earths, plastic glass, and new materials, nuclear energy materials, etc. Powder), solid-slurry (ie powder and slurry) and other materials. And you can also customize the horizontal mixer according to your specific requirements to achieve your satisfaction!

How does the organic fertilizer horizontal mixer work?
When the horizontal mixer is working and mixing, the material in the machine is subjected to the action of two rotors in opposite directions, and the composite motion is carried out. The blade leaves the animal material to rotate counterclockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot, and on the other hand, the animal material is turned around, in two The rotor crossover overlaps the weight loss area. In the organic fertilizer horizontal mixer area, regardless of the shape, size, and density of the material, the material can float in an instantaneous weightless state, which makes the material form a continuous continuous cycle in the machine slot. Flip and interlace to achieve a fast, gentle blending effect.

What are the advantages of the GATE horizontal mixer?
1. The horizontal mixer is not affected by the size and density of the particles under the feasibility factor. Good mixing effect on viscous materials. The smooth mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials, and the addition of the flying knife structure also acts as a breaker.
2. The machine reduces the height of the fuselage for easy installation. The forward and reverse rotating screws are mounted on the same horizontal axis to form a low power, efficient mixing environment.
3. The horizontal mixer adopts a novel rotor structure, and the minimum clearance between the rotor and the casing can be adjusted to near zero, which effectively reduces the amount of material remaining.