GNS urea mill crushing machine for Compound fertilizer

What is GNS urea crusher?

GNS urea crusher is a new fertilizer crusher developed by Henan Gate Heavy Industry. The model is named GNS. It belongs to medium horizontal crusher. GNS urea crusher can crush all kinds of single fertilizers with water content below 40%, especially for materials with high hardness. GNS urea crusher has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small area, convenient maintenance, good crushing effect, smooth operation and easy cleaning. It is the deterrent of hard granular materials such as ammonium, diammonium and urea. GNS urea grinder grinding particle size up to the granulation requirements (more than 50 mesh). It can also be adjusted in a certain range according to the needs of users.


What advantages does GNS urea mill have?
1. GNS urea crusher has strong crushing capacity, low energy consumption and small product fineness.
2. With large crushing space and high strong wind pressure generated during the operation of knife disc, GNS urea crusher can not only improve production capacity, reduce over-crushing phenomenon, but also effectively avoid deposition and blockage of sieve mesh in the crushing process of materials.
3, due to the strengthening of the shear, small urea mill, so the crushing capacity of fibrous materials than the general equipment is higher.
4. The sieve mesh of GNS urea crusher is convenient to install and reliable to locate.Then the life relative to the ring sieve form is much higher.
5. Designed the built-in motor to reduce the center of gravity of GNS urea grinder and effectively reduce the equipment noise


How to use GNS urea crusher?
Before use, the GNS urea pulverizer is placed on a certain position in the workshop. The GNS urea pulverizer does not need the equipment foundation, and can be used after connecting the power supply. The fineness of the pulverization of the GNS urea pulverizer is controlled by the double roller spacing, and the smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness. The finer the output, the lower the output, the better the uniform pulverization effect, and the higher the yield. The GNS urea pulverizer can be designed to be mobile according to the user’s requirements. When the user uses the corresponding position, it is very convenient to move away when not in use.