Waste straw can be used for fertilizer granulation

Before the fertilizer equipment was widely recognized, the straw in the rural fields would be pulled into the home for cooking and cooking, and the indispensable things in the straw life, basically the straw was just enough to burn every year. However, as global pollution has intensified, burning straw has become a culprit in environmental pollution, and many countries have banned straw burning. Nowadays, the rapid development of fertilizer equipment has solved many environmentally polluting wastes, and straw is one of them.

Straw fertilization production is a condition that controls certain conditions. Through the technical means of fertilizer equipment, it realizes the decomposition and stabilization of straw rot in the factory, and finally converts it into a production method of commercial fertilizer. Its products generally include refined organic fertilizer and organic- Two products of inorganic compound fertilizer. Fertilizer equipment Organic fertilizers or organic-inorganic compound fertilizer products that use agricultural organic raw materials such as straw for fertilizer production have important significance and significant effects in improving soil properties, improving agricultural product quality and increasing agricultural product yield.

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In recent years, a large amount of chemical fertilizer has made the physical and chemical properties of the soil worse, and it has affected the quality of crops and the sustainability of yield. The fertilizer products produced by fertilizer equipment have increased soil organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements. The content of the soil, reducing the bulk density of the soil and increasing the total porosity, and maintaining the continuous increase of crop yield are effective methods to solve the above problems.


Before you have a fertilizer device, you can’t use much firewood for a meal, and it is easy to be naturally cleaned. The concentrated burning of straw caused the air quality to be very poor, and there was a strong smell of smoke everywhere. The smoke and fire of the whole day caused environmental pollution. The rational use of straw is an urgent problem to be solved in rural areas. Nowadays, the straw granule fertilizer produced by the fertilizer equipment can be used as a new type of comprehensive utilization of straw, the technology of storing grain on the ground, and the technology of grain storage and ecological improvement. Once it was launched, it was warmly welcomed by the fertilizer factory and was also obtained in the present life. Widely promoted.

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