What is the difference between the Disc Granulator and the Roller Granulator?

Disc Granulator
It is a new type of inclined disc granulation equipment, and the granulation disc
angle adopts an integral circular arc structure. The granulation rate can reach more
than 93%, the granulation tray has three discharge ports, the reducer and the
motor are driven by a flexible belt, which starts smoothly, slows down the impact
force and improves the service life of the equipment. The radiant steel plate is
reinforced, durable, non-deformable, thickened, weighted, and sturdy. It does not
require anchor bolts for fixed operation. The main gear of the granulator is high-
frequency bonfire and the service life is doubled. Granulation After anti-corrosion
treatment, the disc is durable. The machine has the advantages of uniform
granulation, high sphericity, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment, long
service life, etc. It is highly praised by users and is an ideal product for users.

Disc Granulator working principle
The pulley and the belt are driven by the main motor, and the pinion gear is driven
by the reducer. The pinion gear interacts with the large gear fixed at the bottom of
the disk. The large gear is specially designed and mounted on the spindle fixed on
the frame adjustment plate to support After the whole granulation disc work (the
machine is used in the spray machine), the material enters the disc granulator, and
the granulation disc is continuously rotated and sprayed to make the materials
evenly stick together to form the spherical granules. The upper part of the machine
granulator is designed with an automatic material clearing device to prevent the
material from sticking to the wall, thus greatly improving the service life of the
machine. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of
materials, mass production can be realized, and continuous operation has been

Technical Parameter of Disc Granulator

Disc Granulator

The Roller Granulator
The roll extrusion granulator is a widely used granulator in the organic fertilizer
granulator. The design of the roll extrusion granulator is very reasonable, very
practical, and has low energy consumption. It can be continuously produced
without the need of drying at room temperature. The ball and socket on the roll
skin can be manufactured according to the size and shape of the customer. The ball
hopper of the pair of roll granulators has a spherical shape, a pillow shape, a semi-
circular shape, a rod shape, a pill shape, a walnut shape, a flat ball, a square bar
shape and the like. Now a new energy-saving product for the compound fertilizer
and organic fertilizer industry.

Technical Parameter of Roller Granulator

 Roller Granulator

Advantages of the Roll Granulator
1. Energy saving and consumption reduction. Compared with other methods, no
drying measures such as fuel and gas are required.
2. No need to add additional adhesive, just use the intermolecular force of the
material itself to simplify the process and reduce energy consumption.
3. The investment is low.
4. The material composition is flexible, and a set of equipment can produce more
than 30 kinds of formula products.
5. Green environmental protection has no three wastes, and the basic national
policy to adapt to environmental protection is also in line with the development
strategy of environmental protection.